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Alexander Voishvillo

Alexander Voishvillo

Primary Affiliation: JBL/Harman Professional Solutions - Northridge, CA, USA
AES Member Type: Life Fellow
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Alexander Voishvillo was born and grew up in Saint Petersburg, Russia where he graduated from the State University of Telecommunications. He worked at Popov Research Center for Radio and Acoustics where he designed loudspeaker systems and studio monitors and did research on loudspeakers. In 1995 Alexander and his family moved to Simi Valley, California at invitation of Mr. Eugene Czerwinski, CEO and owner of Cerwin-Vega. At Cerwin-Vega he led an R&D group. Since 2004 Alexander has worked for the JBL Professional, now a division of Harman Professional Solutions. Currently he holds a position of Harman Fellow, Acoustics Engineering. He authored and co-authored US and international patents on new transducers, has publications in JAES and presented papers at AES, ASA, and ALMA conventions, meetings, and symposia. He reviews manuscripts for JAES and participates in the AES Standard Committee and in the AES Technical Committee on loudspeakers. In 2008 he was awarded AES Fellowship for his research work in horn drivers and in assessment of nonlinearity in audio equipment. In 2012 he received "The Titanium Driver Award for Technical Contribution" from ALMA International. In 2013 he was awarded Harman/JBL Professional "Outstanding Achievement Award for Technological Innovation and Excellence."

Session List

Mar 20: P03: Loudspeakers: Part 2 (Chair)

Mar 20: T10: How to Rate the Maximum Loudspeaker Output SPLmax? (Presenter)

Mar 22: EB05: Loudspeakers and Assistive Technologies
Comparison of Horn Drivers’ Nonlinear Distortion Measured by Different Methods (Author)
New Engineering Method for Design and Optimization of Phasing Plug and Dome-Shaped Compression Chamber of Horn Drivers (Author)

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