AES Dublin Presenters: Krzysztof Goliasz

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Krzysztof Goliasz

Krzysztof Goliasz

Primary Affiliation: Dolby Poland - Wroclaw, Poland
Secondary Affiliation: Wroclaw University of Science and Technology - Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Electronics faculty. Master of Science, engineer in field of Acoustics. Leader of Recording/Mix/Live Audio Engineering sub-section of Student Section at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. Interested in Audio content creation, digital signal processing, and AI in audio domain. Currently working at Dolby Laboratories (Dolby Poland) in Digital Cinema Products engineering team.

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Mar 22: EB04: E-Brief Poster Session 2
Research on Reference-Processed Pair Differential Signal Objective Parameters in Relationship with Subjective Listening Tests Results in Digital Audio Coding Domain (Author)

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