AES Dublin Presenters: Soohoon Park

AES Dublin 2019 Presenter or Author

Soohoon Park

Primary Affiliation: Tokyo University of the Arts - Tokyo, Japan
AES Member Type: Student

I am currently studying at Tokyo University of Arts graduate school doctoral course and I am teaching students at Shobi music College in Tokyo (PASR).
I graduated from Chugye University of Arts (Bachelor of Music, major in composition) and graduated from SHOBI College of Music in 2003 (major in recording). After graduation, he worked as a full-time lecturer at the Shobi Music College in 2004 and since 2012 he taught acoustics at Dong-Eui University in Busan. I want to study more about sound education. I am returning to Japan and graduated from the graduate school of Tokyo University of Arts in 2018.

Session List

Mar 21: P10: Poster Session 2
Investigation into How Reference Sources and the Experience of Technical Ear Training Work in Mixing through Headphones (Author)

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