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Kirsten Hermes

Kirsten Hermes

Primary Affiliation: University of Westminster - London, UK
AES Member Type: Associate

Kirsten is a senior lecturer in audio production and live performance technology at the University of Westminster (London). She holds an EPRSC funded PhD in Sound Recording and Psychoacoustic Engineering from the University of Surrey. Her research interests lie in artificially intelligent, perceptually informed music tools; and ways in which technology can enhance creativity. The focus of her PhD was on measuring and modeling the perceived quality of music mixes, specifically the parameters influencing the spectral clarity of sounds.

Kirsten is also a self-produced electronic pop artist, combining retro games console sounds with modern production techniques. She is a visual artist and performs internationally at Japanese culture and games conventions.

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Session List

Mar 22: P12: Speech
Factors Influencing the Spectral Clarity of Vocals in Music Mixes (Author)

Mar 22: EB05: Loudspeakers and Assistive Technologies (Chair)

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