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Joshua D. Reiss

Joshua D. Reiss

Primary Affiliation: Queen Mary University of London - London, UK
AES Member Type: Member
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Josh Reiss is a Professor with Queen Mary University of London’s Centre for Digital Music, where he leads the audio engineering research team. He has investigated music retrieval systems, time scaling and pitch shifting techniques, music transcription, loudspeaker design, automatic mixing, sound synthesis and digital audio effects. His primary focus of research, which ties together many of the above topics, is on intelligent signal processing for professional sound engineering.
Dr. Reiss has published over 160 scientific papers. He was nominated for a best paper award by the IEEE, and received the 134th AES Convention’s Best Peer-Reviewed Paper Award. He co-authored the textbook Audio Effects: Theory, Implementation and Application. He is a former governor of the Audio Engineering Society, and co-founder of the start-up company LandR, providing intelligent tools for audio production.

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Session List

Mar 22: P18: MIR
Tagging and Retrieval of Room Impulse Responses Using Semantic Word Vectors and Perceptual Measures of Reverberation (Author)

Mar 22: P13: DSP: Part 1
An Automatic Mixing System for Multitrack Spatialization for Stereo Based on Unmasking and Best Panning Practices (Author)

Mar 22: P15: Production and Synthesis
Real-Time Synthesis of Sound Effects Caused by the Interaction between Two Solids (Author)
Reproducing Bass Guitar Performances Using Descriptor Driven Synthesis (Author)

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