145th AES CONVENTION Product Development Sessions

AES New York 2018
Product Development Sessions

PRELIMINARY TOPICS (subject to change)

Product Development Sessions:

  • Time to Market: What Can You Do about It?
  • What Happens in a Patent Lawsuit?
  • B Chain Sound System Product Specification: How Do We Address the Needs and Success of Our Customers?
  • Designing Hardware and Software Components in Modern Loudspeaker Systems
  • Benefiting from New Loudspeaker Standards
  • DSP Based Loudspeaker Design: Faster and Better Again!
  • Practical Deep Learning Introduction for Audio Processing Engineers
  • Voice Input: What Is the Magic and What's Next?
  • Next Generation Materials for Audio Products
  • Making your Product Great through Adding Pre-Product Innovation Development
  • Transducer Engineering Options for Today's Product Companies
  • In-Situ Acoustic Measurements of Automotive Audio Systems
  • Power Amplification for High Resolution Audio

This is a preliminary list. Come back soon for more details.