145th AES CONVENTION Historical Event H08: Les Paul: How the Recording Wizard and Music Icon Changed the Industry

AES New York 2018
Historical Event H08

Saturday, October 20, 9:00 am — 10:30 am

H08 - Les Paul: How the Recording Wizard and Music Icon Changed the Industry

Sue Baker, Les Paul Foundation
Michael Braunstein, Les Paul Foundation
Gene Paul, G&J Audio - Union City, NJ USA

Les Paul spent his life chasing sound, a sound different from anyone else’s. In his quest he developed the techniques that are used every day in the recording industry. Through video, participants will hear Les Paul explaining what motivated him to create his recording evolution.
Sue Baker, Program Director for the Les Paul Foundation, will give an overview of Les Paul’s inventions and innovations including the evolution of the electric guitar and Les’ recording techniques.
Grammy-winning engineer Gene Paul, Les’ son, will explain the technology of his father’s inventions and describe how the inventions affect today’s recording technology.
Michael Braunstein, Les Paul’s most recent manager and Executive Director of the Les Paul Foundation, will explain how Les’ foundation is carrying on his work.
Participants will hear examples of Les Paul’s recording innovations.
Les won the Honorary Member Award from the AES in 1958 for his extraordinary contributions to the art and science of our industry.

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