- Bell Harbor Conference Center - Seattle, WA, USA - June 13 - 15, 1997
Conference Schedule and Information
Symposium 9
Sunday, June 15, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Session Title: Distance Recording Technologies
Session Chair: Tom Scott, Entertainment Digital Network, San Francisco, California, USA
Participant: Kim Gould, Digital Generation Systems, San Francisco, California, USA

Tom Scott: "Services That are not Appropriate for the Internet (Yet)" As background for the afternoon Discovery session, two industry professionals will describe the current state of audio and multimedia connections that are not (yet) within the purview of the services that we call The Internet.

The internet is not currently appropriate for real time high fidelity audio recording and approval playbacks. This session will cover the current practice of transporting digital audio using digital telephony between recording studios and talent, most often over ISDN connections. A brief review of digital telephony will be followed by a discussion of why the Internet and similar IP networks cannot yet provide this class of service. Bi-directional, isochronous, guaranteed bandwidth on demand is required for the class of service to be described and as yet the Internet cannot aspire to that description.

Kim Gould will describe the current state of long distance video and multimedia connections for professional applications. Both real time and non-real-time transmissions will be described and the advantages, complexities, and economic realities of the use of digital telephone connections such as ISDN, T-1, and DS-3 will be considered.

Biographies: Kim Gould

Kim Gould

KIM GOULD has worked in the field of digital video communications for the past six years. Currently, Mr. Gould is Director of Program Management at Digital Generation Systems (San Francisco), leading the company's effort to deploy video delivery systems and services into the broadcast and professional video industry. Previously, Mr. Gould was Director of New Product Development for Entertainment Digital Network (San Francisco), where he headed the effort to develop and deploy the international FFD video transmission network, which was used heavily in the production of FX-intensive television shows. In 1991, Mr. Gould co-founded Mad River Technologies (Santa Monica, Ca.) and in 1995 became the company President. He co-invented VideoFax which resulted in a patented approach to digital video compression and transmission. He directed product development and deployment of the nationwide VideoFax Network for use by advertising agencies, editorial and post houses. Prior to 1991, Mr. Gould worked for a number of years at Hughes Aircraft (Los Angeles), where he managed R&D, engineering and manufacturin

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