- Bell Harbor Conference Center - Seattle, WA, USA - June 13 - 15, 1997
Conference Schedule and Information
Symposium 2
Friday, June 13, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Session Title: Music Distribution and Radio Over Packet Networks
Session Chairs: David Freedman, WWOZ-FM, New Orleans, USA
Mika Salmi, Progressive Networks, Seattle, USA
Panelists: Skip Pizzi, Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, Washington, USA, Joe Pezzillo, The Eclectic Radio Company, Marc Geiger, Artist Direct, Todd Steinmann, Warner Bros. Records, Burbank, California, USA; Scott Blum, iMusic, Seattle, Washington USA
Mika Salmi, Progressive Networks, Seattle, USA, Skip Pizzi: What radio stations are doing and thinking about doing on the web. He'll also compare the on-line service model with the on-air tradition, and discuss how broadcasters can best operate both services in complementary fashion. He'll conclude with a bit of scenario-spinning on what the future of the Internet may hold for today's broadcasters.

Joe Pezzillo: Ways in which ERC is using the Internet to take radio into the future using techniques from radio's past, highlighting work ERC has done on its first station, GoGaGa Brand Radio (

Scott Blum: We see the future of streaming media to be a balance between entertaining users with exclusive and hard to find music with an easy to use commerce solution allowing customers to purchase the music they like.

Biographies: David Freedman, Skip Pizzi, Joe Pezzillo, Marc Geiger, Todd Steinman, Scott Blum

David Freedman

David Freedman has served as General Manager of WWOZ-FM, New Orleans since 1992. The station's programming revolves around the music and cultural heritage of New Orleans, for which there is a world-wide audience. With this in mind, WWOZ was one of the first radio stations to distribute its over-the-air program service through the Internet via, using Progressive Networks' Real Audio codecs. Mr. Freedman has been involved in the radio industry since 1970, the year in which he founded station KUSP-FM, Santa Cruz. He is also Executive Vice-President of the New Orleans Personal Computer Club.

Skip Pizzi

SKIP PIZZI is an Audio Engineer with Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA and Editor of BROADCAST ENGINEERING RADIO magazine, Overland Park, KS.

Joe Pezzillo

JOE PEZZILLO is founder and GM of ERC: The Eclectic Radio Company, LLC, a new Internet Radio Network start-up creating branded, targeted web products that combine the adventurous and respected editorial styles of public broadcasting with the commercial opportunities of the Internet.

Marc Geiger

MARC GEIGER, Partner/Founder, ArtistDirect. Marc was one of the original founders of Lollapalooza. He also founded UBL, The Ultimate Band List, the Internet's most comprehensive guide to bands. Before starting ArtistDirect, he was the VP/GM of American Recordings. This past January he founded ArtistDirect, an artist-oriented company which encompasses a booking agency, a record label, and an internet company.

Todd Steinman

TODD STEINMAN creates, develops and maintains the label's online presence and New Media strategies. In addition to putting Warner on the cyber map as the first record label online, Todd is also co-creator and producer of CYBER-TALK, the labels' weekly interactive talk show, which features a different recording artist every week (guests to date have included Van Halen, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Joni Mitchell, Elvis Costello, Seal, and more). He is also responsibility for seeking out and testing new technologies, as well as educating WBR artists and employees on the functions and capabilities of the new medium.

Scott Blum

SCOTT BLUM, President, iMusic. Scott's initial foray into multimedia was as a game designer. He then worked for Peter Gabriel's Real World and was responsible for producing all its multimedia content in conjunction with the Starwave Corporation, including the highly-acclaimed, 'EVE' release. He started iMusic in late 1995 which has been at the forefront of music web sites. iMusic features nightly live broadcasts from a Seattle club, two formats of internet radio programming, innovative music news retrieval, great artist web sites, and a very cool design.

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