- Bell Harbor Conference Center - Seattle, WA, USA - June 13 - 15, 1997
Conference Schedule and Information
Symposium 1
Friday, June 13, 10:30 am-12:00 noon

Session Title: Advanced Internet Services and Standards for Audio
Session Chair: Ted Hanss, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Participant: Jonathan Lennox, Columbia University, New York, New York, USA

Ted Hanss: This symposium session provides an overview of next generation Internet initiatives and ongoing standards processes relevant to audio over the Internet. We will describe Internet 2 and related development efforts around the world. Part of the US's Next Generation Internet (NGI) efforts, the Internet 2 Project is a university-led consortium effort of higher education, government, and industry working to accelerate development and deployment of advanced, network-based applications. Internet 2's focus is on end-to-end applications that take advantage of such quality of service guarantees as bandwidth reservation, latency, loss rate, packet priority, jitter, etc. Internet 2 will also offer much higher bandwidth than today's Internet: 10-100 times faster. In 1997, campuses will connect at a minimum of 155 megabits/second and the backbone connectivity will exceed 600 megabits/second. Through this new functionality we can enhance current applications dramatically and introduce applications that weren't previously feasible. For example, among the Internet 2 applications we'll describe is a faculty and researcher group's plan for distance-independent music instruction that, through high-fidelity multi-channel audio, can carry the nuances of a jazz artist. Included in this instructional application environment are interactive collaboration tools.

Biographies: Ted Hanss, Jonathan Lennox

Ted Hanss

TED HANSS is the Applications Lead for the Internet 2 Project, a university-led consortium effort of higher education, government, and industry to accelerate developing and deploying advanced, network-based applications on the internet. His role is the applications architect/evangelist for the next generation of internet services supporting higher education and research needs. Prior to joining the Internet 2 Project, Ted served for several years as a director/senior manager of the University of Michigan's Information Technology Division, including being Director of the Center for Information Technology Integration, a computer science research and development lab focusing on distributed systems. While now full time on Internet 2, Ted retains an adjunct faculty appointment in the U-M School of Business Administration where he teaches in the Computer and Information Systems department.

Jonathan Lennox

JONATHAN LENNOX is a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Columbia University, studying under Professor Henning Schulzrinne. He is researching real-time networking, particularly transmission of music-grade audio.

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