AES New York 2015
Tutorial T4

Thursday, October 29, 10:45 am — 12:15 pm (Room 1A22)

T4 - Interactive Music: Future Listening Experiences…

Justin Paterson, London College of Music, University of West London - London, UK
Rob Toulson, Anglia Ruskin University - Cambridge, UK

Listeners have long been inspired to interact with commercial music and create new representations of popular releases. Vinyl offered many opportunities to reappropriate chart music, from scratching and tempo manipulation to mixing multiple songs. Nowadays, artists can engage their audience to interact with the music by offering mix stems for experimentation, a trend started by Nine Inch Nails in 2005 continuing to artists such as U2 in 2014. With the extended processing power of mobile devices, the opportunities for interactive music are limitless; both Bjork and Peter Gabriel have explored these new platforms in an interactive manner. This session will offer a history and context of interactive music and demonstrate potential future listening experiences. The presenters’ will also showcase their own funded research activities, which focus on a new interactive listening platform for commercial music, allowing the listener to manipulate mix stems, evaluate alternate mixes and explore additional music content.

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