AES New York 2015
Archiving and Restoration Track Event A4

Thursday, October 29, 5:45 pm — 6:45 pm (Room 1A14)

Archiving: A4 - Magnetic Tape and Tomatoes: One Decays Forever, One Is Forever Recoverable

Marty Atias, Rezerex Tape Restorations - Silver Spring, MD; ATS Communications
Charles Richardson, Rezerex Magnetic Tape Restorations - Annapolis, MD, USA

What do tomatoes and magnetic tape have in common? They can both react with the atmosphere causing chemical changes to occur. Unlike fruit however, a very common dysfunction of magnetic tape, generally known as Sticky Shed Syndrome, is the result a natural chemical process known as hydrolysis, which interestingly, can offer the option of a naturally occurring inverse reaction known as reverse hydrolysis. Chemical science holds the answers to the complete recovery of existing sticky magnetic tapes and how to manufacture long lasting recording tape free of sticky shed type problems. An explanation by chemical science, lab work, microscopic pictures, and before and after results are provided to attain the goal of high-level restoration and preservation of magnetic tape for a very long time. High levels of mechanical and magnetic performance can only occur by first solving the chemical issues.

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