AES Berlin 2014
Tutorial T15

Monday, April 28, 16:00 — 18:00 (Estrel Hall B)


T15 - Fundamental Knowledge about Microphones

Joerg Wuttke, Joerg Wuttke Consultancy - Pfinztal, Germany

Even a professional with many years of experience might enjoy reviewing the basics of acoustics and the operating principles of microphones. This tutorial also includes a discussion of technical specifications and numerous practical issues.

- Introduction: Vintage technology and the future; physics and emotion; choosing a microphone for a specific application

- Basic acoustics: Sound waves; frequency and wavelength; pressure and velocity; reflection and diffraction; comb filter effects; direct and diffuse sound

- Basic evaluations: Loudness and SPL; decibels; listening tests; frequency/amplitude and frequency/phase response; frequency domain and time domain

- How microphones work: Pressure and pressure-gradient transducers; directional patterns; some special types (boundary layer microphones and shotguns)

- Microphone specifications: Frequency responses (plural!); polar diagrams; free-field vs. diffuse-field response; low- and high-frequency limits; equivalent noise, maximum SPL and dynamic range

- Practical issues: Source and load impedance; powering; wind and breath noise

AES Technical Council This session is presented in association with the AES Technical Committee on Microphones and Applications

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