AES New York 2011
Workshop W12

Saturday, October 22, 10:00 am — 1:00 pm

W12 - Creating, Enhancing and Reproducing Surround with Height Information

Tom Ammermann
Paul Geluso
Brett Leonard
Lasse Nipkow
Wilfried Van Baelen
Gregor Zielinsky

Listening demos that support Workshop 2 “Capturing Height In Surround” will be presented at the NYU Steinhardt James L. Dolan Recording Studios. Classical, jazz, electronic, and rock recordings that incorporate hight information for a true 3-D listening experience will be presented. New technologies including Auro 3D, Illusonic’s 3-D room signal generator, Space Builder, and new height capturing microphone techniques developed at NYU will be demonstrated.

Several recordings originally produced in Auro 3D will be presented. All microphone set ups will be shown and discussed including photo and video documentation of the recording sessions. Spatial impression through decorrelated room signals and additional room signals generated by Illusonic’s 3-D room signal generator will be demonstrated as well. Space Builder is the culmination of a research collaboration between McGill University and NHK Broadcasting for the design and implementation of a flexible, realistic ambiance designer for the 22.2 audio standard that accompanies NKH’s Ultra High Definition 4320p broadcast standard. Works mixed by Richard King and George Massenburg using Space Builder will be presented in NYU’s multichannel sound research lab.

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