AES New York 2011
Workshop W6

Friday, October 21, 11:00 am — 12:30 pm (Room: 1E10)

W6 - Pound of Cure or Ounce of Prevention? Audio Asset Restoration, Migration, and Preservation

Ed Outwater, EO3 Consulting - Ketchum, ID, USA
Chuck Ainlay, Engineer/Producer
Jeff Anthony, Iron Mountain Entertainment Services
Rob Jaczko, Berklee College of Music
Patrick Kraus, Warner Music Group
Bob Ludwig, Mastering Engineer

The task of properly archiving entertainment assets today goes well beyond safely storing film cans, tape boxes, hard drives, data tapes, or whatever physical format houses the content to be preserved. This is especially true in the case of music assets, where audio asset restoration, migration, and preservation are becoming more and more important as the recording industry undergoes a basic transformation in the way it operates. In today’s up-loadable, down-loadable, cloud-based, e-delivery-centric music marketplace, the ability to preserve and prepare music assets for secure and immediate delivery directly from the Archive is a key capability, transforming it not only into an ultra- secure repository for valuable music assets, but also quite often the first link in today’s digital supply chain. The desired end- product in either case, so important in a market increasingly focused re-packaging and re-releasing content, is an asset that can be successfully utilized for commercial or, perhaps ultimately, for cultural purposes. To keep pace with this rapidly changing marketplace, it has become necessary to utilize not only secure physical storage, but also digital migration, restoration, electronic delivery, and other studio operations to archive effectively.

This workshop/panel discussion will be a review and discussion of a basic set of principles and procedures involved in “rescuing” valuable assets that have not been properly archived, and, following that, a corollary set detailing “how to” properly archive audio assets from the outset. It will be presented by a panel of industry experts with differing perspectives and experiences related to archiving.

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