AES New York 2011
Workshop W4

Thursday, October 20, 4:30 pm — 6:30 pm (Room: 1E08)

W4 - Sound Quality Evaluation

Frederik Nagel
Søren Bech
Poppy Crum
Schuyler Quackenbush
Nick Zacharov

The workshop aims at discussing current practices of listening test preparation, execution, and evaluation. It will cover the choice of test items, the selection of participants, and, last, the means of test design and statistical evaluation. Questions such as "What are naive or expert listeners?" "What is a convenience sample and what can we learn from the results?" "What is the difference between small and intermediate artifacts?" "What kind of statistics can be applied when the sample is small? Might other test methods be more adequate?" "Which characteristics should the items under test have?" exist but are hardly topics of publication in audio research. These issues are expected to be discussed among the participants and resulting in proposals to solve the existing problems. Eventually, this workshop aims at providing researchers with a better understanding what happens during listening tests and giving guidelines for a better listening test practice.

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