AES New York 2011
Student / Career Event

Friday, October 21, 1:00 pm — 2:15 pm (Room: 1E13)

Speed Counseling with Experts—Mentoring Answers for your Career

This seminar is specially suited for students, recent graduates, and those interested in career advice. Hosted by SPARS in cooperation with AES, G.A.N.G., Post NY Alliance, and other audio organizations, career related Q&A sessions will be offered to participants in a speed group counseling format. A dozen students will interact with 2–3 working professionals in specific audio engineering fields or categories every 15 minutes. Audio engineering fields/categories include record production, mastering, audio post, film music, gaming, and live sound.

Counselors include Niko Bolas, Roy Hendrickson, Mark Rubel, David Glasser, Fred Kevorkian, Randy Merrill, Leslie Mona-Mathus, Rick Senechal, Eric Johnson, Tom Paul, Tom Salta, Neil Goldberg, Lawrence Manchester, Flash Ferruccio, and Shaun Wall.

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