AES New York 2011
SPARS: Lessons from Savvy Owners

Saturday, October 22, 9:30 am — 10:30 am (Room: 1E13)

SPARS: Lessons from Savvy Owners

Kirk Imamura
Stephen Joseph Antonelli, PopMark Media
Kevin Hill, PopMark Media
Lisa Horan, PopMark Media
Chris Mara, Welcome to 1979
Dan Workman, SugarHill Studios

Hosted by SPARS, examples of recording studios that are expanding their business beyond traditional recording will be presented in a panel discussion format. There will be panelists representing three recording businesses, each with a unique business angle/strategy. The panel discussion is intended for audio engineers who are currently running a recording business looking for ideas to expand their business, people who are considering starting a recording business, or those who are interested in what new services recording businesses are offering now.

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