AES New York 2011
Product Design Session PD11

Sunday, October 23, 2:30 pm — 4:00 pm (Room: 1E12)

PD11 - Networked Audio Gizmos—Ethernet Audio Today and Tomorrow

Steve Macatee, Rane Corporation
Bradford Benn, Crown International
Hardy Martin, Innovative Electronic Designs, Inc.
Chris Pane, Lab X Technologies (The Ethernet AVB Camp)

What problems are integrators faced with when setting up many different Ethernet devices on the same network? Is your design approach causing the problem or a victim of someone else’s? What obstacles deter configuration software and devices from establishing and maintaining communications on simple and complex Ethernet networks? The pros and cons of UDP vs TCP protocols for control and metering messages. How to get through routers, VPNs, and blocked ports. Is your design approach making the IT department your friend or foe? Can you make it easier for customers to get through their firewall(s)? What challenges do older products encounter on ever-changing, modern networks? Can one product’s communications method interfere with already established device communications? Will Ethernet AVB finally solve all problems known to man?

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