AES New York 2011
Live Sound Seminar LS4

Friday, October 21, 9:00 am — 11:00 am (Room: 1E14)

LS4 - AC Power and Grounding

Bruce Olson, Olson Sound Design
Bill Whitlock, Jensen Transformers
Jim VanBergen, NYC

There is much misinformation about what is needed for AC power at production events, much of it having to do with life-threatening advice. This panel will discuss how to properly and safely provide AC power for all concerned, without noise, hum or buzz. The discussion will start at the outlet working backwards to the source of power, while covering systems from a couple of speakers on sticks up to multiple stages in ballrooms, road houses, and event centers. This discussion will include large scale installed systems, including multiple transformers and company switches, service types, generator sets, 1ph, 3ph, 240/120 208/120 and explain what all the lingo means. Get the latest information on grounding and typical configurations by this panel of industry veterans.

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