AES New York 2011
Live Sound Seminar LS13

Sunday, October 23, 2:30 pm — 4:30 pm (Room: 1E14)

LS13 - Multitrack Recording for the Live Sound Engineer

Sam Berkow, SIA Acoutics
Ted Leamy, ProMedia/UltraSound
Robert Scovil, Avid
Adam Shulman

Multitrack recording of performances is now commonplace for many artists, whether for internal reference and archiving or for potential release. This poses a new set of parameters on both the FOH and monitor mix engineers which at times are diametrically opposed. The best house sound does not not necessarily produce the best recordings and sometimes results in the FOH engineer to mix two shows simultaneously; one for live, a second for the recording. This panel will discuss the issues confronted by mix engineers and the best techniques and practices to insure both an optimal live show and recording.

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