AES New York 2011
Game Audio Event G13

Sunday, October 23, 11:00 am — 1:00 pm (Room: 1E13)

G13 - Careers in Game Audio

Stephen Harwood Jr., IASIG; Dynamic Systems Music
Sam Howard-Spink, NYU-Steinhardt, Music Business
Duncan Watt, Senior Composer/Audio Designer, 38 Studios
Mike Worth, Chief Operating Officer, Play Eternal

Game audio excellence demands a coordinated team effort. In addition to sound design, composition, and production supervision, game audio requires skill sets that are rarely encountered elsewhere, including interactive audio programming and implementation. This broad array of work types provides for an equally broad range of career opportunities. Whatever your background and area of specialized expertise might be, there is room for you in this rapidly growing industry. In this session, a panel of accomplished industry veterans will share their experience and perspectives, with a focus on how to begin and develop a successful career in game audio. Audience members will take away a comprehensive understanding of the many opportunities available to audio professionals in the video game industry, as well as valuable suggestions and insights into how to land that first gig.

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