AES New York 2011
Game Audio Event G12

Sunday, October 23, 9:00 am — 11:00 am (Room: 1E13)

G12 - Education: Prerequisites for a Career in Game Audio

Karen Collins, Canada Research Chair in Interactive Audio, University of Waterloo
Stephen Harwood Jr., IASIG; Dynamic Systems Music
David Javelosa, Professor of Interactive Media, Design Technology Dept., Academy of Entertainment & Technology, Santa Monica College
Michael Sweet, Berklee College of Music, Associate Professor, Film Scoring

The video game industry has grown and evolved tremendously in recent years, and the opportunities for further expansion are limitless. Much of this great potential is the result of an ever-increasing demand for technological innovation. Corollary to this, students wishing to enter the games industry must have a solid education in related technologies and production techniques. To address this need, the IASIG has recently published a Game Audio Curriculum Guideline. In this session, a panel of IASIG Education Working Group members –accomplished industry veterans and professional educators – will share their experience and perspectives on a broad range of professional topics, with a focus on how students can prepare for, begin, and develop a successful career in game audio. The discussion will also include an outline of the curriculum guidelines and suggestions for educators and institutions.

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