AES Show: Make the Right Connections Audio Engineering Society

AES San Francisco 2008
Exhibitor Seminar ES13

Saturday, October 4, 2:30 pm — 3:30 pm

ES13 - THAT Corporation

Rosalfonso Bortoni
Fred Floru
Bob Moses
Les Tyler

Mic Preamplifier Alchemy—Demystifying One of Audio’s Most Misunderstood Circuits

The microphone preamp is one of the most difficult audio functions to implement. Conceptually, it’s just a simple gain stage—how hard can that be? But great mic pre designers know that a little “magic” must be applied to accommodate the wide range of microphones, signal levels, and impedances found in the real world. It’s tough to keep noise low under all conditions and still protect the preamp from phantom power faults. And then you have to control gain remotely! This seminar explores techniques for implementing magical mic preamps using THAT Corporation’s best-of-class IC solutions.