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Last Updated: 20070418, mei

Saturday, May 5, 14:00 — 18:30


Gregor Zielinsky
Svenja Dunkel
Wayne "Heights" Glittens
Oliver Voges

The Soundcheck Is the Show!

The Sennheiser Live Mixing Event presents a complete soundcheck with a live rock band on stage, with full sound and light equipment. Participants will learn about how professional soundchecks are done in real life. This will include the FOH / PA soundcheck as well as the monitor soundcheck. All participants will receive an In-Ear wireless receiver, to be able to follow the in-ear check. The presentation is held by Wayne "Heights" Gittens (Monitor engineer for Herbert Groenemyer, Xavier Naidoo, Söhne Mannheims, etc.), Oliver Voges (FOH engineer for Echo Awards, The Dome, Naturally 7, Scooter, Mousse T), and Svenja Dunkel (radio engineer and production manager for Echo Award, Comet, and productions from Sennheiser). The presenters will show their way of working with both the band and the soundcheck. The rhythm section of "Hot Pants Road Club" plus their lead singer is a top band from Austria, well known for their funky, groovy sound and the always slightly "Vieneese" style of their frontman Harry Ahamer.

Timing schedule:
14.00 -15.00 O. Voges, Lecture about FOH Sound
15.00 - 16.00 W.Gittens, Lecture about Monitor Sound and In Ear
16.15 - 18.30 Live and Practical work

The Live Sound Seminar, led by Gregor Zielinsky, is produced in cooperation with Neumann & Mueller, who support all Sound, Light, Stage and Rigging Equipment.

This presentation has been held in many places, e.g., Bejing, Moskau, Mumbay, Istanbul, Barcelona, and others.