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AES Barcelona 2005
Workshop W9 - Technologies for Digital Audio Archiving

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Monday, May 30, 14:00 — 16:00

W9 - Technologies for Digital Audio Archiving

Stefani Renner, Ingenieurbüro Renner - Köln, Germany
Jouni Frilander, YLE - Helsinki, Finland
Derk Reefman, Philips Research - Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Reinhard Stöckmann, WPEG - Köln, Germany
Michael Zimmermann, VCS - Bochum, Germany

Digital Audio Archiving is a hot topic for all public radio stations in Europe. They all have huge analog archives that have to be converted to the digital domain immediately. On the other hand, digital archiving technology is still in development and changing fast. In this workshop it will be pointed out which components are needed for building a digital audio archive today. Different technological strategies will be presented and discussed. One important question is how complex an archiving system should be. This will be illuminated with examples for an simple archive and a highly integrated archive. The workshop ends with a panel discussion about the strategies for a digital audio archive.
Following this workshop, a guided tour through the exhibition, showing all archiving technologies and services being shown on the exhibition floor is offered. On this tour, exhibiting companies active in the field of archiving will be visited. The tour will start with a visit to those companies offering digitization tools or services and then continue with companies offering mass storage or integration services. Retrieval technologies and restoration tools will be the last stops on the tour. The purpose of this tour is to give attendees an overview of the current technologies shown at the exhibition. (See also Special Events)

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