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AES Barcelona 2005
Workshop W4 - Which Audio Recording and Storage Medium for What Purpose?

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Sunday, May 29, 09:00 — 11:00

W4 - Which Audio Recording and Storage Medium for What Purpose?

Derk Reefman, Philips Research - Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Mr. Chambers, BBC Research - London, UK
Mr. Hamasaki, NHK - Tokyo, Japan
Mr. Hans, Dalet - Paris, France
Mr. Jaschke, Exabyte Corporation - Boulder, CO, USA
Mr. Shibata, Emil Berliner Studios - Berlin, Germany
Mr. Yoshimura, Maxell - Tokyo, Japan

Many people have their preferences for a certain type of storage medium but without unanimous scientific/technical reasoning. The AES Technical Committee on Audio Recording and Storage Systems (TC-ARSS) has also identified the need to discuss various audio data storage media. This workshop tries to bring together experts on different storage media, such that a discussion of the pro’s and con’s of different media can be started that has roots in real science. In addition, the user perspective will be detailed by an end-user panelist. Areas of discussion and storage media will include: digital tape; optical disk; hard disk; distributed network/local storage; end-users for both recording and archiving; views on the future.

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