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AES Barcelona 2005
Workshop W2 - Switching Power Amplifiers for High-Resolution Audio

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Saturday, May 28, 14:00 — 16:00

W2 - Switching Power Amplifiers for High-Resolution Audio

Malcolm Hawksford, University of Essex - Colchester, Essex, UK
Karsten Nielsen, Bang and Olufsen ICEpower a/s - Lyngby, Denmark
John J. H. Oh, Pulsus Technologies - Seoul, South Korea
Derk Reefman, Philips Research - Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Lars Risbo, Texas Instruments - Copenhagen, Denmark
Skip Taylor, D2Audio - Austin, TX, USA

The aim of this workshop is to review the technology and developments in the design and implementation of high-performance switching amplifiers. The motivation for this activity is the increasing interest and strategic importance given by the industry in applying higher power-efficient technology especially to high-performance power amplification. It is also recognized that within the medium term period, many manufacturers will adopt switching techniques for both high-fidelity and home theater products. Consequently, this is an important field as there are both cost implications especially in multichannel amplifier systems and also important environmental issues resulting from reduced power consumption. The workshop will address both theory and practice with respect to analog-style and digital-style amplifiers including discussion on pulse-width modulation (PWM) and sigma-delta modulation (SDM) methodologies. Open loop and closed-loop topologies will be included as well as discussion on methods of achieving a high degree of linearity in both analog and digital applications. As such there will be a balance between signal processing requirement and implementation requirements.

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