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AES Barcelona 2005
Workshop W14 - Anybody Want to Buy a Recording Studio?

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Tuesday, May 31, 11:00 — 13:00

W14 - Anybody Want to Buy a Recording Studio?

Edouard Lowenberg, AEGS (Spanish Association of Sound Recording Studios)

Has new technology killed the studio business?

Times are hard and look like they are getting harder for recording studios throughout the world. The AES, in association with the AEGS (Spanish Association of Sound Recording Studios) and APAI (Association of Professional Independent Artistic Producers), present an open forum led by a panel of studio owners and producers from Spain, Europe, and the USA, chaired by Edouard Lowenberg, Chairman, AEGS, to discuss the state of the recording studio business in the context of the global developments in music and audio production.

Issues include: the decline of recording budgets; the disappearance of the long-period studio booking; the future viability of analog; the cost of enhanced studio security; the prospect of performance income for producers.

- Have we reached the end of the studio era or is this just a phase?
- Is Film/TV score recording, DVD, surround sound, audio postproduction, etc., the only hope for keeping solvent?
- Does size matter—will large recording rooms become production/mixing suites?
- Do music fans want less from their music—where have all the audiophiles gone?

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