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AES Barcelona 2005
Tutorial T9 - Loudspeaker Basics Tutorial

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Monday, May 30, 14:00 — 16:00

T9 - Loudspeaker Basics Tutorial

Juha Backman, Nokia - Espoo, Finland
David Clark, DLC Design - Wixom, MI, USA

The tutorial will present an overview of the various kinds of devices that convert an electrical signal into sound and then consider how the response of a loudspeaker can be optimized by application of the loudspeaker parameters. These were first described by Thiele in 1961 but were not accepted widely until after they were republished in the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society in 1971, and Small, over the next three years, published a series of papers that expanded them and made them much more understandable and useful.

Over the last thirty or more years, they have been used widely, almost universally, to characterise loudspeaker drivers and thus facilitate the design of loudspeaker systems. However, some aspects of their measurement procedure and their use have attracted a degree of misunderstanding. The presentation will try to correct these misunderstandings and put some aspects of the measurements into a better perspective.

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