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AES Barcelona 2005
Tutorial T10 - Surround Sound for Documentary Films

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Tuesday, May 31, 09:00 — 11:00

T10 - Surround Sound for Documentary Films

Florian Camerer, ORF, Austrian TV - Vienna, Austria

The emotional power of sound doesn’t stop at the cinema. Documentary films have always relied on the immediacy of sound and picture to create an involvement of the audience as well as a kind of "realism" that is especially sought after in this area of film-making. 5.1 Surround sound—location recording and postproduction—can now enhance the impact of sound considerably. From 5-channel microphone arrays to the workflow and concepts of sound design for documentaries, a multitude of examples will underline the authors´ ideas. Both are experienced in all aspects of the film-making process. Other key issues include: static and dynamic use of the additional channels (center, surrounds), basic and advanced sound design concepts (protagonist / antagonist etc.), and introduction of new terms (synchresis, auditory object), etc.

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