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AES Barcelona 2005
Archiving Technologies on the Exhibition: A Guided Tour

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Monday, May 30, 16:30 — 17:30

Archiving Technologies on the Exhibition: A Guided Tour

Digital Audio Archiving is a hot topic for public radio stations in Europe. Vast analog archives have to be converted to digital now. This makes archiving an important new technology for AES to present to its Convention visitors. This is why AES offers a set of activities related to the topic of digital audio archiving, thereby focusing on the new technologies and services that are necessary to build a digital archive.
Two Workshops (W4 and W9) about storage media and about technologies for digital audio archiving are part of these activities during the AES Convention. Workshop 9 is followed by a guided tour through the exhibition area, visiting all exhibiting companies active in the fields of archiving. The tour will start with a stop at those companies offering digitization tools or services and then continue with companies offering mass storage or integration services. Retrieval technologies and restoration tools will be the last stops on the tour. The main idea of this tour is that the attendees get an overview about the current technologies being shown.
It is the first time that AES offers such a guided tour in the exhibition area. This new form of synopsis of the exhibition combined with workshops and papers assists the visitors in making their selections through the overwhelming range of information at the Convention.

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