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AES Barcelona 2005
Opening Ceremonies

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Saturday, May 28, 12:00 — 13:30

Opening Ceremonies

- Opening Remarks by Roger Furness - Executive Director, Theresa Leonard - President, Eloi Batlle – Convention Co-Chair
- AES Awards Presentation
The 118th Convention Opening Ceremonies will include the AES Awards presentation which acknowledges the work of individuals whose outstanding contributions to the Society enhance our industry. A list of award recipients will appear in the Convention Program.
- Keynote Speech by Ray Gillon, G-Minor, Virginia Water, Surrey, UK
"Hollywood's Foreign Language Dubbing - The Technologies, Talents and Trivia"
Mr. Gillon will cover some of the history, as far back as Paris and Barcelona in the 1930's.
He will review the technology from earliest sound recording to the fast moving formats of today and the people who made these changes in technologies and working practices.
Last but not least he will identify some of the pitfalls that could and should be avoided. He will illustrate his talk with some QuickTime excerpts from films for which he produced international language versions.
- Closing Remarks by Luis Ortiz Berenguer - Convention Co-Chair

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