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AES Barcelona 2005
Live Sound Seminar LS2 - Loudspeaker Line Arrays (d & b Audiotechnik, Germany)

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Sunday, May 29, 10:00 — 14:00

LS2 - Loudspeaker Line Arrays (d & b Audiotechnik, Germany)

John Taylor, d&b audiotechnik
Ralf Zuleeg, d&b audiotechnik

The session begins with a presentation titled "De-mystifying Audio
Techniques," which embraces visual images, experiments, and practical
demonstrations. Expand your knowledge to obtain the maximum benefit from sound systems, discover what constitutes a well-behaved loudspeaker and how it affects what we hear. This is followed by a look at the history of dispersion pattern control in loudspeaker systems, why you need it, and how line arrays extend the boundaries of pattern control. This will include a practical look and listen to several different configurations using the Q-Series loudspeakers: a look into steering low frequencies, the effects of array size on directivity, cardioid subwoofer arrays, and, finally,
distributed bass arrays.

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