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Exhibitor Seminar ES24 - WAVEFRONT SEMICONDUCTOR (USA): The “DICE II” Pro Audio FireWire Solution

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Monday, May 30, 13:30 — 14:30

ES24 - WAVEFRONT SEMICONDUCTOR (USA): The “DICE II” Pro Audio FireWire Solution

Bob Moses, Mike McRoberts, Wavefront Semiconductor
Morten Lave, TC Applied Technologies

The DICE II chip is an extremely powerful solution for adding digital audio connectivity to professional audio equipment. This highly integrated IC supports a total of 144 input channels and 112 output channels via its I2S, ADAT, TDIF, AES/EBU, TDM, and FireWire ports. Its two clock domains can be independently referenced to any audio port, FireWire isochronous time stamps, or other signals connected to the chip (video sync, 50/60Hz, time code, etc.). Two onboard JET PLLs offer 100dB typical jitter attenuation and wideband intrinsic jitter below 20ps. Two cross bar routers, one per clock domain, allow any audio input channel to be connected to any audio output channel. An onboard ARM7 RISC processor is fully available for application requirements (the ARM7 is not burdened by audio streaming). Source code is provided for the royalty-free protocol stack and Windows XP (WDM & ASIO) and Apple (including source code) drivers. In this seminar we will review the architecture of the DICE II chip, a typical implementation, and the software development tools.

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