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AES Barcelona 2005 - Authors

Please take a minute to review the following important items related to your presentation at the AES 118th Convention in Barcelona.

1. Presenting authors receive free registration.

All presenting authors receive free convention registration (only one author per paper). You will have to pay for any special events (banquet, technical tours, etc.) that you wish to attend. You must register online by clicking here. Pick up your badges at the registration booth at the convention center. Nonpresenting coauthors must pay the regular registration fee.

2. Check the current schedule online.

Click here to see the current list of papers sessions for the day and time of your presentation. The schedule is close to being final, but changes are still possible so check back periodically.

3. Presenting authors receive 30 free copies of papers.

Each presenting author receives 30 free copies of his paper. Each paper will be assigned an AES convention paper number; these numbers are posted here. In Barcelona go to the AES Publications Booth at the convention center and give your paper number when picking up your 30 copies. If you wish to purchase additional copies, contact Mike Williams before April 15. Payment for extra copies (one Euro per copy) is due when you pick them up at the AES Publications Booth.

4. Session chairs.

All presenting authors, both lectures and posters, should meet in the Authors' Room (which is equipped with a Windows PC and a desk-jet printer) at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start of their session. All lecture papers are scheduled for 30-minute presentations, which will include a short introduction of the presenting author and a 5-minute question-and-answer session at the end. Authors are requested to remain in the lecture room throughout the session to answer follow-up questions that may arise during or after other papers in the session. The session chairs are:

A: Richard Stroud
B: David Josephson
C: Durand Begault
D: Reinhard Sahr
E: Tim Nind
F: Matti Karjalainen
G: Geoff Martin
H: Manuel Sobreira
I: Günther Theile
J: David Clark
K: Vicki Melchior
L: Jürgen Herre
M: Ronald Aarts
N: Anibal Ferreira
O: Wolfgang Ahnert
P: Benjamin Bernfeld Jr.
Q: Søren Bech
R: Malcolm Hawksford
S: William Martens

5. Poster guidelines.

Authors making poster presentations should click here to download the guidelines for posters.

6. Fill out the online facilities form.

An online facilities form has been posted for all presenting authors to fill out. This form lists the standard facilities available at the convention center in Barcelona.

7. Further questions?

If you have any further questions contact Bill McQuaide or the papers chairs-Ben Bernfeld, Basilio Pueo Ortega, and Enrique Alexandre -- at

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