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Guidelines for Poster Presentations
at AES Conventions


1.   General

Highly detailed papers are best in poster sessions, which permit greater interaction between author and audience.


The electronic manuscript requirements for poster and lecture presentations are identical. The submission deadline for final electronic manuscripts for the AES 116th Convention in Berlin is March 1, 2004.


Specific requirements for AES 116th poster presentations are listed below.

Style and formats

Rather than printing out and posting multiple sheets of paper, many authors find it is best to put their poster presentations on large sheets that match exactly size of the poster boards; these large sheets can be rolled up (like posters you buy at a museum) and carried by the author to the convention. You should use font sizes and dimensions of figures and tables (20x25 cm; 8x10 inches) that are readable from a distance of about 1 m. Every poster author will get 2 boards, and also a table (if required) for laptop computer demos. AES will assign a 4-digit paper number that should be included in the upper right corner of your poster.


Content recommendations

A poster should be able to stand alone, that is, be understandable even if the author is not present to explain, discuss, and answer questions. To meet the stand-alone criteria, it is suggested that authors consider the following structure of their poster paper, if appropriate:

       0. Heading (AES paper number, title, author(s))

       1. Objective, purpose, goal, etc.
       2. Background information, prior work
       3. Assumptions, etc.
       4. Experimental arrangements, block diagrams, sketches, photos, parameters
       5. Outline of the theoretical development, presentation of results
       6. Data, graphs, tables, etc. (figure captions are essential!)

       7. Conclusions

       8. References, bibliography


Authors can include a short biographical note (max. 50 words) on their poster. Authors are not formally introduced at poster sessions.

2.   Poster presentations area: Arrangements

All poster sessions will be in the poster presentation area just outside the lectures rooms. An Authors' Room will be nearby, equipped with a Windows PC and a desk-jet printer.


The poster boards at the AES 116th are Max. 100cm (39 inches) wide x 140cm (55 inches) high, which is approximately equal to DIN/ISO format A0. Every poster author will get one or two boards and also a (small) table. 230V/50Hz power supplies (Schuko connector) will be available to poster presenters for laptop-computer presentations at the poster station.


Each poster position bears a fixed, consecutive number for easy identification.


3.   Poster presentations: Procedure

Authors must submit their electronic manuscripts online at by March 1, 2004, and prepare their posters according to these guidelines. We have tried to provide complete guidelines for poster presentations in this document, but if you need further assistance please contact Bill McQuaide or the papers chairs.


Authors should bring their posters to the Authors' Room at least 30 minutes before the announced poster presentation time. The papers chairs will advise authors on the location for their poster presentation and supply the necessary hardware for attaching posters to the poster boards. Authors must attach their posters to the display boards before the beginning of the poster session. After the poster session authors will have approximately one hour to remove their posters; any posters left behind will be discarded after the last day of the convention.


Each poster session will last about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. During this time authors should be at their poster boards during the entire session to explain details to interested people. Authors can bring their own laptop computers with headphones for detailed visual or acoustical demonstrations.


4.     Specific requirements for poster presentations
at the AES 116th Convention AES Convention

Recommended poster size:

Max. 100cm (39 inches) wide x 140cm (55 inches) high; approximately equal to DIN/ISO format A0.


If needed, a second poster board will be available per author at every poster station.


Submission deadline of electronic manuscripts for convention papers: March 1, 2004.


Deadline of initial information on facilities needed for your poster presentation: Please fill the online request form at by March 1, 2004.


Delivery of the posters to the papers chairs in the Authors Room in Hall 7.1 at the convention:

At least 30 minutes before your poster session is scheduled.


Duration of the poster sessions: 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

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