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New York, July 21, 2003—Building on the success of "When Vinyl Ruled" at past AES Conventions, the seasoned team of experts who produced those events now risks stepping out of the groove and into the pits. These presentations are not to be missed!

Digital recording has been with us now for three decades, but its roots are in the analog tape and vinyl discs which preserved so many of those ambitious early efforts. This year the Historical exhibit will feature nuts-and-bolts, hands-on living history that will graphically and sonically trace the tricky transition from vinyl biscuits to binary bits.

During the four days some of the movers and shakers who nursed that revolution will be on hand. They will explain and demonstrate some of the vintage gear that sliced and diced analog waveforms into byte-sized pieces that computers could digest and sort out. Top recording engineers and record producers will play back master Recordings and talk about how they were created. You'll learn about Formats you may never have heard of but which may turn up on your doorstep one day.

David Baker heads the team organizing the exhibits and digging through the archives to come up with the goods. Come and explore the exhibits, demos, and "dig the pits" before DAT and CD. You'll need to take an easy walk, not a hard drive, to sample the sights and sounds that await you as when “Vinyl Goes Digital" at the 115th AES Convention in New York.


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