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Stuart Bruce is a successful producer and sound engineer with customers such as Real World Production (Peter Gabriel) and a subsequent amount of other artists. As an expert in Multichannel Sound recording, he frequently holds speeches about modern recordings techniques; speeches which are not only interesting, but also full of humor.

In his keynote for the AES, he will emphasize the importance of Education and Communication within the industry. "It has been my concern for many years now that the industry is moving further away from on the job training and heading toward a dangerous reliance on external educational sources which cannot prepare people for the true nature of the work involved," he explains why this topic has such a high importance. "As the industry has expanded and our work patterns have changed the lines of communication between the end-user and the manufacturer have become blurred with the end result that many engineers and producers feel disenfranchised from the process of development of new equipment and software." With his keynote speech, he wants to encourage a dialogue between various sides of the industry.

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