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Sunday, October 6 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
: Stephan Peus, Georg Neumann GmbH, Berlin
Manfred Bleichwehl, Juergen Wahl, Sennheiser Electronic Corporation
This workshop introduces the new ‘AES 42-2001 Standard for Acoustic -Digital Interface for Microphones’. Among its most interesting potentials are the many options for controlling remotely a wide variety of microphone features, which are not possible with traditional analog microphones. Microphones that are built according to this new standard will not only have an internal Analog/Digital Converter, but will also include extended digital signal processing capabilities (DSP). It can incorporate, for example, the equivalent of a high-gain, high-precision traditional mic preamp, right inside the digital microphone. Similarly, equalization, dynamic signal processing functions and channel test utilities, all can help to improve the microphone's utility and performance in flexibility, specifications, and accuracy.
During the workshop the presenters will demonstrate some of these features and advantages (as compared to traditional analog microphones), and will show potential applications using an operational microphone system, designed according to the new AES 42-2001 standard.

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