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Monday, October 7 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm
W12: LOUDSPEAKER LINE ARRAYS – PART 2 (Practice & Applications)
: John Murray, Live Sound International! Magazine
François Deffarges, Nexo
Mark Engebretson, JBL
Christian Heil, L’Acoustics
Tom McCauley, McCauley Sound, Inc
Jeff Rocha, Eastern Acoustic Works
Evert Start, Duran Audio

The Afternoon Session focuses on commercially available modular line array systems for performance audio use. Presenters who represent engineering departments of several competitive manufacturers and are actively working in the development of loudspeaker line arrays, and work directly for manufacturers of such systems, will be featured in this session.


  • Christian Heil, L’Acoustics: Fresnel zone analysis, Wave Sculpturing Technology (WST), HF DOSC wave guide
  • Mark Engebretson, JBL: Arithmetic Spiral Arrays, MF diffraction-slot band pass section, High-efficiency driver design
  • Jeff Rocha, Eastern Acoustic Works: Divergence shading, MF parabolic separator, MF & LF band pass technology
  • François Deffarges, Nexo: Hyperboloid reflective wave source, MF phase plug, Hyper-cardioid sub-bass
  • Tom McCauley, McCauley Sound, Inc.: Adaptive density inverse flat lens, MF driver design, Inter-cell summation aperture
  • Evert Start, Duran Audio: Logarithmic driver spacing, Bessel FIR filtering, Steer-able lobes/2-lobe arrays

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