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Saturday, May 11, 13:00 – 15:00 h, Room K1
W7 The Physics and Psychophysics of Surround Recording (Seminar)

Presenter: David Griesinger, Lexicon, Bedford, MA, USA

This workshop will use recorded demonstrations and music to explore how several observed properties of human perception can predict the success of different recording techniques. We have found that the very best surround recordings share several perceptual properties: a wide listening area, realistic localization, an appropriate sense of distance to the sound sources, and an enveloping impression of the original recording space. The workshop will show how all these properties depend on particular combinations of direct sound, early reflections (20ms to 50ms), and very late reflections (150ms to 300ms). Microphone and processing techniques to achieve the most desirable reflection combinations will be discussed and demonstrated.

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