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Friday, May 10, 13:00 – 15:00 h, Room K1
W2 Advanced Mixing Techniques for Multichannel Sound (Seminar)

Presenters: Renato Pellegrini, Ulrich Horbach, Studer Professional Audio, Regensburg, Switzerland


The benefits of the advanced mixing tool ‘VSP’ – Virtual Surround Panning – will be explained and demonstrated, using examples from practice. Main topics of the seminar are:
‘Natural’ support microphone mixing techniques using synthesized reflections and delay.

Three-channel panning (with center) of monaural sound sources using novel panning laws based on microphone simulations.

How to obtain a convincing, natural stereo image with correct localization and apparent depth, without sacrificing sonic balance and overall sound quality.

To demonstrate that in many cases additional ambient microphones, and even the main microphone are obsolete, when applying synthetic room simulation tools within the mixing console. We show that the sound character of a real acoustic environment can be approached by adjusting a few ‘perceptual’ parameters, by comparing the synthetic with a real-measured result.

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