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Saturday, May 11, morning only
Sunday, May 12, all day
Monday, May 13, morning only
30 minute demonstrations of systems discussed in Workshop W8
Start times will be posted at the entrance of the demo rooms
Workshop Demo Rooms 1 and 2 (D112 and D116/117, near Atrium 3)

Workshop Demo Room 1 (D 112)
A 48-channel wave field reconstruction system, using distributed mode loudspeaker panels, will be shown. Sound examples will include moving sound objects according to MPEG-4, conventional 3/2-recordings, and new multichannel test recordings, made in the European ‘Carrouso’ project, which will demonstrate the full capabilities of the system.

Workshop Demo Room 2 (D116/117)
A multichannel reproduction system which includes height information will be used to demonstrate a number of surround systems including Ambisonics, 2+2+2 Recording and Panor-ambiophonics, enabling attendees to compare and contrast these with conventional stereo and 5.1 systems.

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