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Planetarium and Imax Cinema at the Deutches Museum

Thursday, May 9, 19:00 h
19:00 h Planetarium: Queen Heaven – Multimedia show
21:00 h IMAX Cinema : Cirque du Soleil in 3D
On Thursday evening, May 9 at 19:00 h, a special visit to the ‘Forum der Technik’ of the world famous technical museum, the ‘Deutsches Museum München’, has been arranged.
At 19:00 h, a Multi Media Show Theatre with all-sky Projection (‘DOME’) called ‘Planetarium’ can be visited. Video projection, slide projection, laser-projection and computer/laser-animation will be demonstrated. 6 Sony-video-projectors, 80 slide-projectors (Allsky), 4 projectors with 3-D-Laser, fog machines and a digital 6-channel-surround-sound-system (amplifiers with a power of 12 kW) are used, to put you into the atmosphere of any virtual room you wish, even with laser kaleidoscopes or computer-graphics. Come and see the new spectacular multimedia show of Brian May, the co-founder, guitarist and composer of many songs of ‘Queen’. The show includes all the most famous hits of this legendary music group.
Then at 21:00 h, a special visit to the IMAX Cinema will follow. The IMAX Large Motion Picture Theatre will show the 3-D-movie ‘Cirque du Soleil’ (a fantastic tour) for AES-Convention visitors only. This IMAX has an especially large screen of 16 x 22 m2. The special 70 mm IMAX-films are projected in an oblong format to get the necessary screen area. A digital 6-channel-surround-sound system with 17 kW provides the sound reproduction.
Come to these events on Thursday evening and see breathtaking pictures across the sky and immerse yourself in the world of the circus. There are only 300 seats in the IMAX and 270 seats in the Planetarium.
Tickets will be sold at the Convention Center MOC and at the Theaters prior to the shows.
Ticket prices:
Planetarium: EUR 9,50
IMAX: EUR 8,50

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