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Sunday, May 13th
14:00 hr Forum Hall

W-7 Issues on High-Resolution Audio

Chair: Eiichi Miyasaka, NHK Science & Technical Research Laboratories, Japan

Kaoru Ashihara (Nat.Electrotechn. Labs, Japan)
Mike Story (dCS, UK)
Malcolm Hawksford (University of Essex, UK)
Manfred Hibbing (Sennheiser, Germany)

Some results from perceptual experiments on high-resolution audio show that sounds with only frequency components over 20kHz cannot be perceived, while these components become perceptually effective when they are delivered with the frequency components of the audible frequencies. The first factor to be considered will be non-linearity in each stage from recording to perception: pick-up systems, experimental setup including filters and loudspeakers, air propagation and the auditory system. We would like to discuss the items focusing on perceptual inter-modulation effects caused by non-linearity in loudspeakers, filters, air-propagation and auditory system in this workshop.

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