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Sunday, May 13th
9:00 hr Room L

W-6 MPEG-7 Audio - What is it about?

Chair: Jurgen Herre, Fraunhofer-IIS, Germany

Adam Lindsay (University of Lancaster, UK)
Philip N. Garner (Canon Research Centre Europe, UK)
Geoffroy Peeters (IRCAM, France)
Youngmoo Kim (MIT, USA)
Michael Casey (MERL, USA)

Contrary to previous well-known MPEG coding standards (such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4), MPEG-7 goes beyond the domain of audiovisual coding and focuses on efficient search and retrieval, filtering and semantic description of content. The workshop will try to give a timely update on this ongoing standardization process by explaining its overall concepts and discussing the technical components of the proposed standard. This will be complemented by examples for attractive potential applications and prototype demonstrations.

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