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Saturday, May 12th
9:30 hr Room L

W-2 Sound for Games

Chair: Murray Allen, Electronic Arts, USA

Nick Laviers (Electronic Arts, UK)
John Broomhall (Infogrames, )
Stephen Root (Criterion,UK)
Preben Kaeseler (KKDK, Denmark)

We will demonstrate the 'State of the Art' in the Video Game business. We will review the platforms available today and in the near future. We will discuss the variations between these platforms as they affect audio. We will discuss the equipment we use in the production of audio for video games including the digital desk and the use of ISDN recording. We will discuss the recording facilities we use. We will also discuss the multitude of software both original and available in the public market. We will discuss the technical limitations within which we are required to perform our task. This will include the amount of data that is allocated to audio. This discussion will include compression schemes and their use. We will also discuss down sampling and its proper use. We will also discuss the 'State of the Art' relative to the audio systems utilized by our customers. This discussion will cover the use of surround and 5.1 digital audio. We will discuss the problems we encounter when creating audio for Internet use. We will discuss the localization of our audio tracks and how different cultures respond to audio. Finally we will discuss the relationship between audio and picture. We will explore the 'Gestalt' experience of Video Game play.

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