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Welcome to the 110th AES Convention in Amsterdam

Again we have had an overwhelming number of paper submissions for this Convention, which has led to a high-quality program. A large number of papers will be presented, almost 140. We have an exciting variety of paper sessions running daily in two parallel sessions, wherein the authors will present their latest results, or will provide you with state-of-the-art overviews. To illustrate the variety in our 16 paper sessions, we have three sessions on signal processing for audio, two on loudspeakers and two on psychoacoustics. There are also sessions on low-bit rate (perceptual) audio coding, multi-channel sound, watermarking & internet audio, instrumentation and measurement, room acoustics and sound reinforcement, microphones, analysis and synthesis of sound, spatial perception and processing, and automotive audio.

Currently, a hotly debated topic in the signal processing field is the PCM (Pulse Code Modulation - multi-bit) versus DSD (Direct Stream Digital - one bit) format for digital audio. At the 109th Convention in Los Angeles we had an exciting introduction to the discussions on this topic, and now at the 110th the debate continues in full force. We have the Signal Processing for Audio, Part 3 session completely devoted to this topic.

Furthermore, in-depth exploration of production tools for multi-channel audio, technologies for 3D immersive audio and perception are on the menu. New disc technologies demand new studio infrastructures and modern signal processing techniques. Many of the prerequisites to enter the new era of this new millennium will be treated in these sessions.

This is your chance to meet the authors coming from many different countries! This is the opportunity for you to share your own ideas with those of the experts in the field! We wish you a very successful and inspiring Convention.

Ronald M. Aarts, Papers Chairman

Erik Larsen, Papers Vice-Chairman



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