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AES 104th Convention, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1998 May 16-19


T-1 Concertgebouw ­ Morning Tour
Sunday, May 17th, 09:00 ­ 13.00 h
Visit to the world famous Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Expert guided tour of the technical facilities. Video presentation and explanation of the elaborate and delicate renovation operation which took place some years ago. This is a repeat of the tour that was part of the program of the 96th AES Convention, which proved to be very popular.

T-2 Musical Instrument Museum ­ Afternoon Tour
Sunday, May 17th, 13:00 ­ 17:30 h
Visit to Museum 'Van Speelklok tot Pierement' (From Musical Clock to Streetorgan) in Utrecht. A tour which will be appreciated by both engineers and their partners alike.

T-3 Organ Factory and Concert ­ Full Day Tour
Monday, May 18th, 08:30 ­ 17.00 h
This fun tour starts off with a visit to Messrs. Reil, a small pipe organ factory in Heerde where modern production and restoration techniques are demonstrated and explained. This is followed by an organ concert in Zutphen.

T-4 Royal School of Music ­ Afternoon Tour
Monday, May 18th, 13:00 ­ 18.30 h
Visit to the Sonologic Department of the Royal School of Music in The Hague. The elaborate technical facilities will be demonstrated and ongoing projects explained. The visit will be concluded by a small concert.

T-5 Metasound Studio ­ Evening Tour
Monday, May 18th, 19:30 ­ 22:30 h
Visit to Metasound in Amsterdam, a leading audio for video post-production house. Technical facilities including their full surround sound capability will be demonstrated.

T-6 Schiphol Airport Sound System ­ Morning Tour
Tuesday, May 19th, 09:30 ­ 13:00 h
The custom-made public address system of the new 'West Terminal' of Schiphol Amsterdam Airport will be explained and demonstrated. The complex acoustical environment of an airline terminal building asked for an innovative design to satisfy seemingly conflicting requirements.

T-7 Dutch Broadcasting Media Park ­ Morning Tour
Tuesday, May 19th, 09:00 ­ 13:00 h
Visit to the extensive audio facilities of the Dutch Public Radio and TV Broadcasting organization in Hilversum.

T-8 Dutch Broadcasting Audio Archive ­ Morning Tour
Tuesday, May 19th, 09.00 ­ 13:00 h
A unique visit to the audio archive of the Dutch Broadcasting organization in Hilversum. The vast collection of audio material is made accessible using a special database and available for all program makers. There will be explanation and demonstrations.

T-9 Institute of Phonetic Sciences ­ Afternoon Tour
Tuesday, May 19th, 13:30 ­ 16:30 h
Visit to the Institute of Phonetic Sciences (IFA) of the University of Amsterdam. There will be explanation and demonstration of the computer program 'Praat' (Speak), used for analysis, synthesis and manipulation of speech.

T-10 Dutch Broadcast Museum ­ Afternoon Tour
Tuesday, May 19th, 13:45 ­ 18:00 h
Visit to Dutch Broadcast Museum in Hilversum which has an extensive collection of historic phonographic objects and broadcast memorabilia on display.

T-11 Technical University Delft / Philips Research Labs ­ Full Day Tour
Wednesday, May 20th (post convention) 07:30 ­ 18:30 h
This full day double feature tour starts off with a visit to the Technical University Delft, subfaculty Acoustical Imaging and Sound Control. Demonstrations of Wave Field Analysis and Synthesis will be given. Then on to Eindhoven where at the world-famous Philips Research Labs a number of audio related research projects will be explained and duly demonstrated.

T-12 EMI CD-DVD Plant / Philips Mastering & Duplication ­ Full day tour
Wednesday, May 20th (post convention)07:30 ­ 18:30 h
Starts with a visit to the production lines of the EMI Holland CD factory in Uden. This is the largest disc plant in The Netherlands and features a completely operational DVD line. Next stop is nearby Eindhoven for a visit to the Mastering & Duplication unit of Philips Electronics. The focus of this visit is on authoring and mastering products for MPEG audio & video.
The actual visits in Eindhoven end at approx. 16:30 h. Participants of Tours 11 or 12 who plan to fly back home that same night, may want to check flights departing directly out of Eindhoven.

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